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Sandi Bitenc: How I grew up from a sick, fat teenager to a vital and successful therapist who is looking forward to life every day… and so can you!

Hello. I’m Sandi Bitenc., a specialist in functional medicine, Guinness record holder, versatile athlete, diver, adrenaline addict, friend, partner, personal trainer and probably quite a lot more.

But basically, I’m a person, just like you. And I know your ailments. I went through them myself, too. Respiratory problems, inability to perform everyday tasks, lack of energy, willpower, self-esteem and excess pounds. I’ve put all this through myself. I was constantly annoyed, unhappy and frustrated.

My (un)health

It started soon after birth. When I was nine months, I was in the E.R. for an asthma attack. Asthma and bronchitis have followed me over half my life, and with them antibiotics treatments and the 4 walls of my room. I remember taking antibiotics at least 6 times per year and the effects on digestion and intestinal flora are still significant today.

Allergies and asthma have repeatedly chained me to my bed and all doctors and family were telling me what I CAN’T and MUST NOT do. When you are young this becomes your reality quite quick and then it’s a handy excuse to quit when it gets hard.

I was excused form phisical acitivty in scool, I didn’t play outside with the other kids because I had allergies, but I liked to sit behind the computer and walk to the fridge regularly. I spent most of my youth on fried food, mashed potatoes and chocolate and that became pretty obvious around the waist. In one moment during pubery, I lost a lot of weight but regained them with another 20 kilos when I was 20 years old and allergies and other diseases still kept following me.

The turnover

And then I bumped into diving. The first sport that really thrilled me and the first thing I was really good at. I’ve put in a few state records and won several national championship titles. I lost 15 kilos and started training triathlon while learning about the gym. The project -2901 was a turning point in my life. In 24 hours I climbed on our highest mountain Triglav, rode a bike to Piran and dove there to the deepest point of the Slovenian Sea, with a single breath! I have proven that I can, and that the disease does not have the upper hand over me. All the obstacles were in my head. Along the way, I also met with the power of the correct diet, to which I give my full attention to since 2006.

Slowly I began to regulate my digestion and also my disease with nutrition. Over time, the digestion has stabilised and allergies have diminished at the same time. Suddenly I didn’t need any more asthma and bronchitis medication. They just disappeared. Today I can say that I am perfectly healthy and since 2006 I have not taken any antibiotic or any other medication. I have defeated many hurdles and now I am more than happy with my body, confident and look forward to every day of my life. On the way, I passed the ultimate IronMan test and set a Guinness World Record in a 24 hour free diving challenge that still stands today. In the meantime, I opened a supplement store, then became one of the best personal trainers in my country and started following functional medicine through which I changed many lives.

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My formal and informal education

  • Chris Kresser ADAPT practitioner,
  • ADAPT Academy Ambassador,
  • Specialist in Functional medicine (CFMP, FMUP),
  • Neuro linguistic programming practitioner (NLP),
  • Biosignature modulation Specialist, 2nd Level (highest),
  • Personal and fitness coach: Poliquin Internatinal Certification Program Level 4 (P.I.C.P level 4),
  • ISSA Specialist in fitness nutrition,
  • ISSA Personal Trainer,
  • Poliquin FAT Tool Specialist,
  • Poliquin Hypertrophy Internship,
  • Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening techniques Specialist (PIMST),
  • Gut Health for Optimum Metabolic performance (James Lavaal),
  • LAB assessments for optimum metabolic performance (James Lavaal),
  • The GAPS Diet (Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride),
  • Drugs and the Brain (the California University of CALTECH).

My life in short:

  • I was born 14th of February 1980 in Maribor,
  • As a child and teenager I was very sick with a severe form of asthma, bronchitis and allergies,
  • Attended the School of Economics in Maribor,
  • Graduated in economics,
  • untill 20. years old I didn’t do any sports, and then started with free diving,
  • Between the years 2001 and 2007 I won several national champion titles and set some state records in free-diving,
  • In 2006 I organized and claimed the project -2901,
  • The same year I began to study nutrition,
  • In 2008 I finished an IronMan triathlon,
  • In 2009, I set a Guinness record in 24 hour free diving
  • In the same year I also opened a supplement store and got certified as a personal trainer,
  • In 2010 I opened my first counseling for diet and health,
  • In 2013 I founded the BP Gym Training Center,
  • In 2016 I started the website www.sandibitenc.com and fully specialized in functional and evolutionary medicine.

I give advice and help on a wide variety of problems. Consultation areas:

  • Diet
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Physical activity
  • Other areas of life style and environmental impact

Certificates of Education

Certificate: expert in Functional medicine

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