Cookies are text files that are stored when you visit a website. They are stored on the user’s device that has been used to access the website. When you revisit a website, the provider can access the data on the user’s device that are stored within cookies.

With the help of Cookies, the provider provides better and more user-friendly and personalized performance and display of the website, while cookies help them to analyze users and to register a visit (statistical purposes) and to make it more efficient in for instance advertising.

Cookies or data collected by their assistance do not in themselves allow the user to be identified in the context of the legislation on personal data protection and cannot be determined by the person in question. Permission to install cookies can also be set up by the user in their Web browser that is used to access the Web site uses its own cookies while allowing some third parties to install their own cookies on the user’s equipment (i.e. third-party cookies).

Data on individual cookies, data controllers obtained by these cookies, the processing purposes of the collected data and the duration of the cookies are given in the following table:

Data ManagerCookie Name / DurationPurpose of processing the collected data
sandibitenc.comPHPSESSID / session durationThis cookie helps us to recognize you, verify your access rights, and allows you to access the content.
sandibitenc.com_ga / 2 yearsThis cookie is part of the Google Analytics service that allows us to make Web page statistics. The cookie does not collect your personal information.
sandibitenc.comwordpress_logged_in / session durationA cookie connected to a password protected areas of our website.
sandibitenc.com_icl_current_language / 24 hoursA cookie for serving the correct language version of the page.
sandibitenc.comwordpress_test_cookie / session durationTest whether your browser has cookies enabled or not.
sandibitenc.combp-activity-oldestpage / session durationRecords your last visited page.
sandibitenc.comeform-submission- / 1 yearStores the contents of the completed form so that you do not lose the data when the connection is interrupted.
sandibitenc.comfusionredux_current_tab / 1 yearSaves the Open tab when you see the contents of the tabs.
sandibitenc.comprivacy_embeds / 1 yearSave cookies permission settings.

The user can set the cookie installation permissions and modify, adjust, or revoke the browser to access the site at any time.