I advise on healthy lifestyle, well-being, prevention of diseases and preserving youthful appearance and feeling.

Counseling covers the following areas:


  • diet and diet

  • food supplements

  • physical activity and training

  • sleep

  • controlling the circadian rhythm

  • other lifestyle factors and environmental impact

I work:


  • all over the world using modern technology (telemedicine).

Schedulle your consultation


Contac information

Do you want to contact me? I successfully solve cases of patients from different parts of the world!

Consultation process

Consultations are conducted in several steps:


  1. Getting to know each other – in the first step we meet and find out if we are fit to participate

  3. Filling in questionnaires – to gather as many structured information as possible, you fill out some questionnaires

  5. Additional information – I send you additional information requests if needed

  6. Testing – if any additional tests are required, we decide together on this in this step

  8. Analysis – when we have collected all the needed information I will analyze them in detail

  10. Treatment – in this step, I give you specific instructions for your treatment and you start following them

  12. Monitoring – you send me feedback and I refine the treatment

My references


  • Completed Functional medicine unversity

  • Chris Kresser’s ADAPT practitioner

  • I’m counceling since 2006

  • I’ve helped over 1000 people

  • Lecturer at the Fitness Association of Slovenia for Nutrition Advisor